Bladder cancer

Non muscle infiltrating Bladder cancer (NMIBC) is the first indication targeted by TOLLYS because of its immunogenicity and high expression of TLR3. NMIBC represent 90% of all bladder cancers.  214 000 new cases of NMIBC are diagnosed each year in developed countries).

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Treatment is TUR (trans urethral resection of the tumor) followed by BCG for initial therapy and for recurrence. 70% of NMIBC will ultimately fail BCG therapy (150’000 in developed countries) and will require radical cystectomy. There is thus a high medical need for new therapies in this indication.

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According to the FDA guidelines (Feb 2018): “In BCG unresponsive NMIBC, a single-arm clinical trial with complete response rate and duration of response as the primary endpoint can provide primary evidence of effectiveness to support a marketing application.”

TOLLYS anticipates to start the first clinical trial with TL-532 in patients with NMIBC who are unresponsive to BCG treatment late 2021.

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