Tollys and Gustave Roussy enter into new research agreement

Prof. Guido Kroemer’s team, from Gustave Roussy, will test Tollys’ specific TLR3 agonist, TL-532, to restore deficient chemotherapeutic responses in the context of FPR1 deficiency. FPR1 deficiency affects 30% of world population and is associated with precocious manifestation of breast, colorectal, esophageal, head and neck carcinomas.

Dr Nasser Azli joins Tollys Scientific Advisory Board

Nasser Azli is a medical oncologist with over 30 years of academic and pharmaceutical experience. As an expert in clinical oncology and drug development, Nasser Azli is a highly valuable addition to our Scientific Advisory Board, particularly in view of the upcoming first clinical trials of our drug candidate TL-532.

Tollys moves its headquarters

The new 300 sqm headquarters will support Tollys’ growth by offering all the features expected by biotech companies. This move to our new headquarters allows our team to work not only in our own research laboratories but also near the scientific and medical communities. This new space is specifically designed for biotech companies and will support our developments very efficiently.