Céline Saint Olive Baque


My passion is to create and bring to the market innovative technical products in order to answer the needs and expectations of every consumer. At the cross roads of Research and Business, I have been able to achieve great results and manage challenges in an international and changing environment, in big Corporates such as Philips or L’Oréal, as well as in SMEs such as NORAKER.

My core expertise is to lead a culture of innovation from idea generation to product launches through management of multidisciplinary and international teams and projects.

  • To design products out of the market codes with deep understanding of users and non-users product experiences and social-media listening
  • To create unique offers by combining technical and soft skills
  • Co-creation with third-parts and customers
  • Quick and iterative experimentations and prototypes generation
  • Business development to increase categories market share
  • Leading teams to transform ideas into innovative products with clear deadlines and resources
  • To create a dynamic of success through internal and external communication

    Very much attached to my home-town of Lyon, France, I’m focused on helping and supporting the local tech start-ups and SMEs to scale-up through French and EU funding: the private and public ecosystem is very rich, don’t hesitate to reach out for any help! 

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