TOLLYS is developing best in class specific TLR3 agonists in the field of immuno-oncology. TOLLYS was founded in 2015 by senior scientists from the leading European Cancer Research Center of Lyon in France and the Centre Léon Bérard.

They discovered the ability of TLR3 agonists to induce a direct and immunogenic tumor cell death in addition to their immunostimulant properties (activator of antigen presenting cells) and to their ability to induce a switch of the tumoral micro-environment. They postulated that the combination of these 3 actions will lead to an intense activation and recruitment of patient tumor specific cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTL) in the tumor bed, resulting in anti-tumor effects and in-situ auto vaccination against recurrences.

Former heterogenous dsRNA with TLR3 agonist properties, have demonstrated clinical efficacy in the past in TLR3+ breast cancer patients with a good tolerance but never reached the market due to a lack of product homogeneity. TOLLYS discovered and patented in 2018 a new family of TLR3 agonists, among which TL-532 is the lead candidate, a dsRNA perfectly defined in sequence and length.

TL-532 showed efficacy in preclinical models to induce anti-tumor response and prevention of recurrences with a good tolerability and a synergistic effect with immune checkpoint inhibitors. TOLLYS plans to enter clinical trials with TL-532 in 2021 in Non Muscle Invasive Bladder cancer (NMIBC) unresponsive to BCG treatment, a high medical need indication with a potential for accelerated market approval. TL-532 has a broad indication potential since TLR3 is expressed in a variety of cancers.

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