Tollys was built on the discovery that the activation of the TLR3 receptor leads to differential effects in cancer cells and normal and immune cells. Tollys used these unique properties to rationally design a family of TLR3 agonists, of which TL-532 is the lead-candidate. TL-532 is specific to TLR3 and is the most balanced candidate to induce both release of tumor antigens (through cancer cell apoptosis) and at the same time a strong stimulation of the anti-tumoral immune system. The Tollys TLR3 agonist patent was filed in 2018.

Former heterogenous TLR3 agonists have demonstrated clinical efficacy in the past in TLR3+ breast cancer patients with a good tolerance but never reached the market due to a lack of product homogeneity making them non druggable.

TL-532 has proven in preclinical studies its capacity not only to shrink tumors but also to prevent tumor recurrence. In addition, TL-532 has confirmed its broad therapeutic window, as would be expected from a specific TLR3 agonist which selectively induces apoptosis only in tumor cells.

Tollys is getting ready to initiate clinical proof-of-concept studies in several indications.

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