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From 1970 to 1976, M. Martin was CEO of Rhone-Poulenc Pharma in Hamburg, Germany. Mr Martin then joined Institut Mérieux (Now Sanofi Pasteur) as VP of Sales and Marketing where he largely contributed to the company’s international expansion. He was appointed CEO of Institut Mérieux in 1988 and successfully managed the acquisition of Connaught Laboratories, then owned by the Canadian Government.

In 1991, Mr Martin created the company Parteurop Pharma S.A.S., a consulting company in the field of Biotechnologies, based in Lyon, France.

Mr Martin was also a board member of the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI), and President of the Vaccine Fund. He was also a member of GAVI (Global Alliance for vaccines and immunization).

In 2005, Mr Martin advised NOVARTIS as a member of the board for the acquisition of Chiron (Emeryville, CA).

He was co-founder of many companies: Pelias AG (acquired by Intercell), Humalys SA (acquired by Vivalis) and Eurabiolife (Lyon and Beijing).

Mr Martin is a member of the Académie Française des Technologies and Officier de l’Ordre du Merite.

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