Pr. Serge Lebecque

Prof. Serge Lebecque is a co-founder of TOLLYS who co-discovered with T Renno the pro-apoptotic effect of TLR3 ligand on human cancer cells. After receiving his MD and PhD degrees, and fulfilling his Internal Medicine specialization at the Université Catholique de Louvain (Belgium), he conducted research in immunology successively at Johns Hopkins University (USA), at the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research (Brussels), and in of Immunology Research laboratory at Schering-Plough (Dardilly, France).

Meanwhile, he held a clinical associate position in the department of lung disease of the University Hospital of Lyon Sud.  In 2005, he became Professor at the Faculty of Medicine of Lyon1 and currently manages a research group at the Cancer Research Center in Lyon (France). His research focuses on immune responses in humans, mostly on anti-tumoral responses. His work on human B lymphocytes activation had led to the creation of Humalys SA, a company dedicated to the production of human monoclonal antibodies. He has published more than 100 scientific articles and registered several patents in the fields of allergy, inflammation and tumor immunity.

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