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Senior scientist with a peer review of 21 scientific publications and 2 patents, I hold a PhD in immuno-virology, with a degree in Immunotherapies. I have over 20 years of experience, including 11 years in the development of innovative therapies in the field of infectious diseases and cancers, in close cooperation with academics, clinicians and pharmaceutical industries. Expert in immunogenicity, DAMPs, PAMPs, DNA repair and oligonucleotide-based therapeutics, I also have a strong translational research experience, from the discovery to the early-clinical development.

I began my career in discovering the immunogenic properties of HMGB1 in infectious diseases. First in AIDS during my thesis at the “Cordeliers Research Center” and then in Malaria, during two years as Associate-Professor at the “Pierre & Marie Curie University”. Then, I joined the “ENS-Paris-Saclay” as Principal-Investigator in applied pharmacology for 5 years – by obtaining grants from the ANRS and Sidaction – where I developed clinical diagnostics and innovative therapies in AIDS and Cancer (WO2013186718). In 2014, I joined the “Curie Institute” for 4 years as Scientific Coordinator of an INCa-TRANSLA preclinical project for innovative therapies, that led to a successful Phase-I clinical-trial using a systemic administration of oligonucleotides in solid cancers.

I joined Tollys in 2018, where I contributed to the creation and characterization of a new family of dsRNAs oligonucleotides, as innovative therapy in solid cancers (WO2019211492). I am now leading the translational research using these drug candidates in the perspective of clinical-trials.

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