TL-532 is the best in class TLR3 agonist

TOLLYS rationally designed and chemically synthetized a new generation of TLR3 agonists, of which TL-532 is the lead.

TL-532 is a short dsRNA with a perfectly defined sequence composed of perfectly annealed single strands (perfect match of the two strands) ensuring structural stability. Thanks to these properties, TL-532 manufacturing is facilitated and highly reproducible.

TL-532 induces immunogenic tumor cell death, immune system activation and a switch of the tumor microenvironment. Theses mechanisms lead to an intense activation of T cells specific for each tumor and each patient. This phenomenon called “in situ vaccination” allows to eradicate cancer cells and prevent from recurrences.

TL-532 acts via a strictly TLR3 specific mechanism which does not require transfection agent and precludes from ligation to cytosolic receptors, ensuring its good tolerability.

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