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Immuno-oncology has changed the paradigm of cancer treatments

It has recently become apparent that a patient’s immune system, especially T cells, can spontaneously attack and destroy cancer cells. Nevertheless, the anti-tumoral immune system must be sustained to efficiently control cancer. Tumors express « immune checkpoints proteins » which inhibit T cell activity. 

By restoring T cells immune response, Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors treatments were the first immunotherapies to revolutionize cancer treatment.

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Why do immune checkpoint inhibitors fail to be efficient in some patients?

The fact that checkpoint inhibitors act via the reactivation of T cells in the tumor site leads to the failure of this treatment in most patients in which T cells are not present at the tumor site (cold tumors).

TOLLYS TL-532 is the best in class TLR3 agonist designed to induce patient T cell immune response against cancer

TL-532 induces tumor specific antigen release, activation of the immune system and a switch of the tumoral microenvironment. This leads to an intense activation of tumor-specific T cells which infiltrate the tumor bed and convert “cold tumors” into “hot tumors”. This phenomenon called “in situ vaccination” allows to eradicate cancer cells and prevent from recurrences.
TL-532 can act in standalone or be combined with Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors.

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